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Queensland to possibly Introduce the Registration of Shearing Contractors


Queensland Labour Hire Legislation for Shearing Contractors. As a result of a number of government and parliamentary inquiries and media investigations that have uncovered and highlighted significant evide..

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AWI Shearing Contractor Consultation Evening : Wagga 28 Feb


AWI Shearing Contractor Consultation Evening Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) is keen to hear the opinion of professional shearing contractors on the issues of • Shearer and Wool Handler Training • A..

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SCAA to meet with Safework NSW


SCAA is scheduled to meet with Safework NSW and SIRA ( Insurance division of (old) Workcover) next week. The meeting will cover a range of issues from shearing shed plant and equipment, non-compliance and the une..

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SCAA Draft Financials FY2017


SCAA 2017 DRAFT Financial report is available to paid up members, in the ‘members area’. Emails have also been sent with a link to the report. To log on to the member’s area, your Username is..

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AWEX reminder about Woolclassers Stencil Integrity


Woolclasser Stencil Integrity and Fraud AWEX CEO, Mark Grave said; “The misuse of the classer’s stencil undermines the integrity and reputation of the Australian wool industry, as well as the wool classer r..

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SCAA 2018 Election Timetable


SCAA ELECTION TIMETABLE 2018 Dear Members The timetable for stage 1 (Committee of Management) election will be: 30 January 2018 Nominations Open 20 February 2018 Nominations Close at 10:..

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PETA has released a new anti-shearing, anti-wool campaign


PETA has released a new anti-shearing, anti-wool campaign, targeting rough and cruel handling of sheep in shearing sheds. News Limited has run a story on it

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Serious Accident Notification and Safety Reminder


Serious Accident Notification and Safety Reminder All members and shed workers need keep safety at the top of your priory list, given another serious shearing shed accident last week: The incident i..

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Shearing and Wool Handler Training Program for 2018


Dear Member Glen Haynes from TAFE SA has announced that they are doing things a little differently this year with regular follow up in-shed coaching until they feel the students are up to a high industry ..

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Veterinary Practitioners Board (VPB), reminds Vets


Recently SCAA contacted the Veterinary Practitioners Board (VPB) of NSW with regrard to what appears to be the growing reluctance of vets to sell the ram sedation drug to wool growers. As a result of this c..

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Cost of Shearing Vs Wool Price Vs Price of Beer


Cost of Shearing Vs Wool Price Vs Price of Beer. Who is better off ? Ag analyst Mecardo has looked into it:…/beer,-shearing-and-wool-prices.… (

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Sedation of Rams


SCAA has written to the Veterinary Practitioners Board asking for their assistance in reminding vets that it is OK to sell the ram sedation drug Acepromazine to Wool growers. We all know that rams are not ge..

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SCAA 2017 Election Results


The SCAA 2017 Election process has now concluded. As a matter of formality, I am posting the Australian Electoral Commission's (AEC) correspondence with regard to the results. All candidates have been informed dire..

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ABC's Landline Article


Just in case you missed the ABC's Landline story on shearing - not a bad article. It does a good job of reflecting the change in attitude and the increased professionalism of the industry. Judge for yourself.....

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Merriman Shearing School Open day


Next Thursday 29 June 2017, Merriman Shearing School is holding their Open day in conjunction with the graduation of their latest class of Shearers and Wool Handlers. To attend, please register by calling 07 38..

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2017 “Golden Stencil” - 2017 AWEX/TAFE National Graduate Wool Classer Competition


2017 “Golden Stencil” - National Graduate Wool Classer Competition The 2017 AWEX/TAFE National Graduate Wool Classer Competition was held at the Sydney Royal Easter Show on Wednesday 12th April. The competi..

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SCAA Draft Financial report for 2016


The SCAA 2016 DRAFT Financial report is available to paid up members, located in the ‘members area’. Emails have also been sent with a link to the report. To log on to the member’s area, your Userna..

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SCAA 2017 Election Timetable 2017


Dear Members The timetable for stage 1 (Committee of Management) election will be: 17 February 2017 Nominations Open 6 March 2017 Nominations Close at 10.00am 27 March 2017 Postal Ballot Opens 26 A..

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2017 Master Classer Course - Open for Nominations


Please find attached details and a Nomination Form for the 2017 Master Classer course to be held in May 2017 (a professional development opportunity for Australian Wool Classers). {module_literature filter=..

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Backpacker Tax Update Jan 2017


SCAA: Backpacker tax update The new tax for backpacker kicked in on 1 January after many months of debate and submissions. In summary, it only affects those employees on working visas 417 & 46..

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Shearing Through The Decades With Frank Sutherland


Shearing Through The Decades: Each year The Land Newspaper publishes a Merino Year Book. This year's edition has an excellent article interviewing long serving SCAA Committee member Frank Sutherland, about the..

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FWC Decision on 1-in-4 being a Learner Shearer


Fairwork Commission rejects AWU Submission on Compulsory Learners but reintroduces a Learner's Log Book & explicit Payrate. On Friday the Fairwork Commission (FWC) announce that the have rejected the Au..

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Q-Fever. NSW Farmer call to have it added to the PBS


In industries such as shearing and fruit harvesting, employers are dissuaded from paying for employee's Q Fever vaccinations, on the basis that their work force is transient. This, combined with employee's lack..

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Shearers Ballet


Are you a retired Shearer, Woolclasser or Shedhand and live in or near Cowra, Canowindra, Bathurst, Orange or Forbes ? The folks from the Federally funded SILOS Project, want to hear your story and turn them in..

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TAFE SA - Welcomes Glenn Haynes


Glenn Haynes – a welcome addition to TAFE SA’s Shearing and Wool Handler Training Programme The SCAA is very pleased to hear that TAFE SA’s Wool and Shearing program has recently engaged former Shearing Contrac..

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AWARD Increase 2016


Pay Rates Will increase on 1 July. Members have just been advised of the estimated increase to shearing rates that will occur on 1 July, as a result of today’s announcement by the Fairwork Commission that the ..

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Shearing School Success - Join the Queue


Want to learn to Shear - Join the queue ! There is genuine increase in the interest of young people wanting to learn to shear. SCAA President Mick Schofield, in conjunction with Australian Wool Innovation (AWI)..

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AWEX Master Classer Course


The AWEX wishes to advise the date and location for the 2016 Master Classer professional development course for Wool Classers. Nominations should be made via the attached Nomination Form. Please note, nom..

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Sheep and Wool Market


It's been a good week for the wool and sheep market The 19-micron indicator closed above 1500c/kg - see link:…/bbcc737c7398537577cbfa1c… (

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SCAA 2016 Election - Formal Notification of Results


The SCAA 2016 Election process has now concluded. As a matter of formality, I am posting the Australian Election Commission's (AEC) correspondence with regard to the results. All candidates have been informed di..

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SCAA Tasmanian AGM 2016


SCAA TASMANIA AGM WEEK This year the SCAA AGM is being held at Best Western, Launceston, TAS on Thursday 5th May. The AGM is being held in conjunction with a tour of Waverly Woolen Mills, a local shed visit an..

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SCAA 2016 Election Update


In reference to the SCAA election 2016, the Contested Declaration of Results has now been posted. Members will receive a copy of the report via email. The Committee of Management will now be made up of 6 me..

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SCAA Fact Sheet - Employing Overseas Workers


A Guide to PAYGW, Super, Workers Comp and Payroll Tax on wages paid to overseas workers The ever increasing need for the employment of non-local workers has raised the need for Australian shearing contractor..

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Shearing Teams Road Accident (NZ) - two critical.


With the shearing industry's evolution away from camp-out jobs, travelling to and from the job site has increasingly become a concern to shearing contractors. With the travel-cost increases forcing the Australian ind..

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Sir David - Is this the world's first knighted Shearing Contractor ?


Although more famous for his prowess on the end of a down-tube rather than running shearing teams, never the less it is a feat unlikely to be achieved by an Australian shearing contractor (unless Tony Abbot returns t..

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DPI Report: 2015 sheep enterprises continue to perform


2015 sheep enterprises continue to perform: NSW DPI Report Sheep breeding enterprises in 2015 continue to perform well with many enterprises experiencing increases of 12% to 17%. These improved..

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Pastoral Award - 4 Year Review by the FWC


Pastoral Award - Update on 4-Year Review The Fair Work Commission (FWC) is required to review all modern awards every four years. The review of the Pastoral Award commenced in 2014 but the first real 'a..

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TransTasman Test: Kiwis level the score


TransTasman Test: In March, for the first time ever, Australian Shearer and Woolhandling teams both won on Kiwi soil. It put them ahead overall 29 tests to 28 and yesterday the Kiwis were determined to level the..

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WoolPoll 2015 - Shearer & Shedhand Training


WOOLGROWERS should vote 2.5 percent in WoolPoll 2015 to continue the current level of shearer and wool handler training and competition, Sport Shear Australia chair Steph Brooker-Jones said today. Read Art..

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Ian Elkins to the Rescue: Shears 'Chris' with the 40kg fleece


Ian Elkins to the rescue. In case you missed the story on "Chris" the reclusive sheep with the 'World Record' heaviest Fleece that Ian Elkins shore last week......

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John McRae (Armidale) passed away on Saturday 25 Jan 


Dear SCAA Member It is with great sadness that I have to inform the SCAA community of the passing of long time SCAA Committee member, John MCRae (Armidale, NSW). John was an invaluable member of the SCAA Co..

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SCAA supports Petition for Affordable Accommodation for NSW Country Patients


The SCAA is supporting a petition in relation to lobbying the NSW Government to provide or subsidise adequate and affordable accommodation for country patients referred to city hospitals for treatment. There is a sta..

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Shearing School Graduate Opportunity for Members


The current Merriman Shearing School is due to complete on July 13th. There will be the following graduates: 4 x Learner Shearers achieving 'Novice Shearing' Level 8 x Learner Shearers achieving 'Im..

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Sheepconnect NSW Newsletter 201405 May


Click the following link for a list of current educational workshops for the wool and sheep industries (

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AWEX Wool Forums (Naracoorte) July 2014


In additional to the Victoria and New South Wales Wool Forums to be held in July (see other news item) , AWEX have announced that they will be holding a SA Forum in Naracoorte on Friday 8 August Download the att..

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Pastoral Award Rates Change 1 July 2014


Members, please be advised that the Pastoral Award will change on 1 July 2014. The new rate for Flock sheep will increase from $273.81 per hundred to $281.15. Members have been emailed full details and laminated ..

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Position Vacant - 20140623 Full Time Wool Classer Temora area NSW


Position Vacant - 20140623 Full Time Wool Classer Temora Area NSW A full time Wool Classer position is vacant in the Temora area ( NSW). The successful applicant will have experience and be currently registered with..

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Shearing Hall of Fame Call for nominations 2014


Shear Outback; The Australian Shearers’ Hall of Fame honours exceptional shearers within the Australian shearing industry and is accepting nominations for the induction of shearing legends. Nominations close th..

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PETA Investigation of Shearers abusing sheep


The SCAA is aware of the investigation by PETA into the abuse of sheep during the shearing process. The Association is appalled by the footage and has contacted all members to reinforce the need to have ‘zero t..

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Cruelty in Shearing: Cause and Effect 


In light, of the PETA report and the horrific videos of cruelty, the industry is reviewing all aspects of the issue. Part of the process includes working out what are the real problems versus what are the 'symptoms' ..

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