SCAA Shearer Wool Handler Training Inc (SWTI) Update


Glenn Haynes, CEO to SCAA Shearer Wool Handler Training Inc (SWTI) has been in the role for some 5 months and since then has made a significant impact into the organisation’s success in a very short period of time.

Glenn brings with him in depth experience as a shearer, shearing trainer, shearing contractor / business owner – all the components to make him the perfect fit for the role. Glenn was previously managing the shearer and Woolhandler training programme at TAFE South Australia but the SWTI Committee managed to convince him to ‘jump ship’, when Chris Radcliff resigned at the end of 2018.

SCAA SWTI Performance
In 2017 and first half of 2018, as a result of ongoing funding shortfalls for shearer training, the organisation was in significant financial ‘stress’ that resulted in training being suspended until the appropriate funding arrangements could be sorted. The recovery process was started with SWTI Committee members volunteering significant amounts of their time to make the appropriate changes and ‘right it’s course’ back to operating with a ‘surplus’. Since then, Glenn has managed to secure the AWI’s training requirements for both Victoria and South Australia.

Welcome and Congratulations Glenn

Shearer and Wool Handler Training opportunities for SCAA Members (at this stage in Vic & SA)

Glenn would like to encourage contractors, in both Victoria and South Australia to contact him regarding meeting their training needs. This includes AWI in shed training for both shearing and woolhandling. We can now also offer options of AWI “Shear and gear” one day in shed workshops in your area to help upskill your employees. There is no cost involved with AWI training.


Glenn can be contacted on Ph 0427 435 244


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